17. 1. 2009

How Shadow Wind community was born 2/2

Starting to play Everquest 2, we were thinking about international guild from the real beginning. National concept was not seen as best in SWG for various reasons. Nationality as basic qualification criteria for selecting friends is not such a great idea when you think about it. So we have chosen indifferent name with little “Freeport” connotation – hence Shadow Wind was born.

We have started as very small guild where everyone knows each other:

  • Almyr
  • Arnalix
  • Eskel
  • Genagen
  • Mraven
  • Popbob
Then later that day (well that is how you loose founders position), joined the guild also the guys like Vokoun aka Azmelid, Vacanc, Akia and Trisania.

We stated the guild will be international, we accept people we feel good with, regardless of their nationality or playing style or playing quality. We look for friends and we mean it.

Although at the beginning it was just a formal statement and also we all agreed we fit ourselves well in this concept, later it turned to work out. Original guild pages were located at www.ArGeAl.org (see how self-oriented some of us were).

There was quite a number of people coming and leaving over the time, some sticked with us till present time and we hope even in the future as friends regardless of online gaming.

There are several points in that process to be remembered, since these crafted face of Shadow Wind significant positive way. In order as those happened...

Going International for Real

We stated we are international guild. However until this point with some minor exceptions it was not totally reality, but then we met ..... yes, we met guys from Portuguese guild called Lvsitania. We fell in love with them and agreed on merger under name Shadow Wind, assigning Kure as one of three guild leaders, some others as officers to respect proportion of players.

This I would personally see as the beginning of real Shadow Wind as you might know it today. We got lucky and all the bastards that joined us and forced us to speak English or Portuguese in guild chat later bacame our friends for real. We speak about names like Scatha, Kerothar, Komodo, Kure, Thanque, Rhaiz, each one of them great supporters of Shadow Wind Community all the way through, their names to be written in stone. We call them Tuga team for some reason.

Then the guild merged again and again with several groups of players from various guilds, one under lead of Ghorr from Russia, names like Duremar and Torgoffka to be remembered, other under lead of Nubo from guild Lords of Chaos. Later Nubo prooved his great Netherland heart and dedication to support community and became guild leader shaping the guild style as well. Then the Swedish crowd joined Ibias, Futtlur, Azga, Trollis and others from guild called Dolls of Nyth.

Also quite a few guys and girls from UK like Enoadith, Sunset, Vomandor, Hedswill/Glaeken and Skuz to name but a few. I just know we are happy to know them.

Then other great names were joining and leaving, becoming friends over internet, some of them even marrying each other at the end (see Hedswill and Sunset story). As some more players commit to this article I am sure we will learn out more about whole bunch of great guys.

Then The Houses concept came, some of them were Bright, some of them were Lamma, some of them were even Chaotic. All are friends, competetive, with sense of humour.


We have started with raiding in T5 approximately six moths after the game launch in cooperation with other guilds Rytiri lva and MdK. We were really lame from the point of raiding view. After a few weeks in this coalition Genagen and Arnalix slowly started to organize this raiding force and raids. We have created rules, dkp and even we were still lame – we get some successes. One of the biggest was finishing prismatic quests series before T6 coming.

Serious raiding we started at the beginning of T6 when more complex raiding zones raised and we discovered that our raid leading should change from intuitive way to more analytical one. Also Shadow Wind started to be self-sufficient in the question of raiding.

Before T7 as one of few guilds we were able to finish very hard live event while creating new portals to Kingdom of Sky data disk. Even we were underestimate theoretical study before we chosen Antonica zone it was great feeling when summoned dragon after almost three days of hard work was killed and portal in Antonica was set.

In T7 we started raiding very hardly and we move into one of the most successful raiding guild on Runnyeye. We were the fourth guild finished The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm zone. As well as we were finished Lyceum of Abhorrence very early.


We decided not to keep the raiding know-how to ourself as most of the alike guilds did, but to share it with other players free for all. We have created and published detailed walkthroughs about Spirit of the Lost and The Court of Al'Afaz zones and others and published it on our guild pages. We have continued in this work because it was our joy and players welcomed our articles about raiding a raiding zones walkthrough.

At some point the bandwidth took down our guild pages and it led in launch of www.RaidWiki.org portal that was handling both our raiding knowledge and contribution of other players participated on our project, the portal was quite a success reaching in couple of months several 100k hits we were forced to move hosting few times. By that time we were also fighting for our intellectual property as some semi-professional pages were stealing our content, it was fun time

At the same time we launched guild pages on www.shadow-wind.org, original version was taken down by hackers (great job) and we also changed the style to wiki (by that time MediaWiki). From raiding point of view that was our top time and we have learned alot about ourselves indeed, the next stage was inevitable...

Darker Times

Concept of our guild was unique in my opinion. We were guild of causal players. We were not pro-players as Xanadu or other pro-guilds are – but we were able to do almost the same things as they did.

Around June/2006 (after one and half of very successful existence of Shadow Wind guild) a lot of things happened. The guild split as some felt it is too casual and decided to go more "raid oriented way". They left in conditions that I personally feel as very unfriendly – but don’t expect from me dispassionateness (--- written by Genagen).

People that left SW started new pro-raiding guild, they did not make it successful and in another three weeks they partially left to other guilds (mainly Xanadu) or they stopped playing.

Shadow Wind after this act sticks together and guild spirits was raised very high. However this was perhaps worst point in the history of guild. Hopefully we have learned our lesson and hence comes part of our charter.

Going multi-game ... community comes

As time passes some players have left for various reasons like lack of time, loss of interest in EverQuest II, drafted by new games coming. The concept however changed to gaming community of players that know each other and feel good about playing together other games as well.

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