11. 1. 2009

How Shadow Wind community was born 1/2

History of part of founders (those writing more often) of this gaming community has been started in early 90s when three RL friends (Almyr, Arnalix and Genagen) started to play Holly Mission MUD game. It was real fun - especially from point of view that it was only one serious use for university DRS unix stations (one x86 processor was powering 30 unix terminals).

Once Upon the Time

We liked this game and especially Arnalix played it a lot - as much as he was promoted to GM at the end. He was preparing his own in-game adventure inspired by Herbert's Dune novel – but this extension was not published to live system because other GMs thought that Dune environment does not fit to Holly Mission environment even this adventure was fully finished and tested.

Genagen was playing summoner called Edmund (inspired by Black Adder BBC serie). Arnalix was playing monk followed by his pink panther fellow. Almyr spent his time by playing some sort of wizard I hope.

Next online game we played together was Ultima Online. The most hardcore player out of our small group was… Arnalix – again. Almyr was played very introvert fisherman’s avatar and we were able to see for the first time his main online profile – peaceful crafter/gatherer. I was playing this game only a little – I did not have good internet connection at home during these days. Hence only one think I can remember from this game is fact: “I really HATE MINING”.

Next game in the row was Everquest I which was played AFAIK only by Arnalix out of our small group of three friends. He played wizard and during years he enjoyed this game a lot and he became international raid leader - but a lot of info about this period we got only from Arnalix’s story telling – hence do not take it serious.

SWG and CzA

Real beginning of this part of the community was in Star Wars Galaxies SOE online game built on SW license. We started to play this game immediately when it was lunched and – it was a pain let say. Tons of bugs, almost no content and every Live Update were promising that next one made good game out of SWG for sure. We were waiting almost 2 years for corrections but when Everquest 2 was launched we move to this game hoping for very good game based on its predecessor Everquest 1.

To be righteous it is necessary to say that not everything was bad in SWG. All social concepts as well as concept of crafting, mining and trading was very good and in my humble opinion in these days it was the best crafting ever seen in MMORPG games. Also concepts of cities and player housings were excellent ideas.

Our guild was called Czech Alliance because of we were gathering czech and slovak players only and we met here a lot of people that started to be core of our community: Popbob, Abadon, Trisania, Filcand many others. Guild was lead by Genagen and our city was called Ankh (+3664 +5748 near POI „Jedi Temple Ruins“, level 4) with his mayor Atriane (Arnalix’s alt). We were really proud of this city and Arnalix proved his social skills again.

Here comes to the end our private add-on topic how we see it and areal Shadow Wind history starts....

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